Welcome to the Contact Center in the Cloud

Extend the power of your LiveOps Contact Center, anywhere in the Cloud. The LiveOps Developer program provides the tools, documentation and support you need to customize the Contact Center experience of both your agents and your customers. Using our API libraries and 3rd party integrations you can:

  • Provide LiveOps Phone Panel controls in your own custom agent desktop.
  • Integrate those same telephony features into leading CRM applications.
  • Exchange call-related data with LiveOps to improve call resolution and provide greater call context for your agents.

Easy, Yet Powerful

  • Building your Contact Center in the Cloud is easy. LiveOps data access APIs are based on a common service oriented architecture. Desktop integrations using both Javascript and .NET are supported. And pre-built CTI (computer telephony interface) adapters are available for Salesforceâ„¢ and other CRM platforms.


Apr 09
The Platform Services API (PSAPI) 1.23.0 is now available

The Platform Services API (PSAPI) 1.23.0 is now available for General...